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Weider Home Gym

Weider is a brand that has been selling strength products for over 50 years, now, ranging from chest-fly extensions to precision components. But what this company is really known for is their home gyms.

As a matter of fact, Weider is considered to be one of the most loved and well-known brands when it comes to home gyms and space-saving designs, which is why we have decided to review some of the products.

If you have been thinking of getting one of these for your home, it is best to know what you will be buying, so take a look at each of these options before deciding which one is the perfect choice for you.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

If you serious about getting a full workout, the Weider Ultimate Body Works is something to consider. The equipment comes in a tan color and includes a modifiable incline bench on wheels which comes with a pulley on each side. For you to be able to increase the amount of weight resistance, just adjust the bench to a steeper incline.

The equipment also comes with a resistance band that provides the increase of weight resistance, which can reach up to 50 pounds (four resistance bands). Not only that, it also has a cable and pulley system that will allow for greater flexibility and greater range of motion.

The Ultimate Body Works model is known for its space saver design because this home gym is foldable and can be stored away every easily. In addition, because of its simple structure, assembly can de bone quickly and does not require too much effort.

With this machine you can do over 50 different exercises that can help you train and define all of your body muscles. It also comes with a workout guide that can be useful for those who do not already have a training program, and who are beginners in the home gym world.

Lastly, the frame is made of durable steel tubing, comes with the pulley system, nylon strap handles, padded glide board and 4 power bands. All of this for a highly affordable price and a fair-sized machine. The assembled dimension of the machine is 71 x 25 inches (L x W).


Weider Total Body Works 5000 Gym

This full body home gym is able to assist you on different 50 exercise routines that will be able to help you strengthen and build your muscle flexibility. It as good for those who want to bulk up as it is for those who want to trim down.

Also, it comes with four adjustable power bands for up to 50 pounds of additional resistance. This is good news for those who are into a bit of more challenge, as you can enhance your workout by adding resistance to your natural weight.

Moreover, it includes an unrestricted cable and pulley system that provide versatility and allow for even more, different exercises that can help you achieve an intense workout. The glide board’s incline can, too, be adjusted, which contributes to the workout’s intensity.

Lastly, like the last Weider model, this Total Body Works 5000 gym also has a space saving design that allows you to slide it away, simplifying its storage after training.


Weider 2980 X Home Gym System

The 2980 X model stands a bit on the expensive side compared to other Weider products. However, it does bring several new extensions and is not only a glide board but a whole seat-and-lift machine.

This 6 muscle-sculpting workout stations include a high pulley, a chest press, a chest-fly, a leg developer, a preacher curl, and a low pulley station. The machine also comes with a cable-and-pulley system that can resist up to 214 lbs.

The total dimensions of the Weider 2980 X is 65 x 37 x 76 inches (L x W x H), and it has a weight capacity of 300 lbs. In addition, it comes with an exercise chart that can help you build a workout routine, which you will be needing taking in consideration the 6 stations it offers!


Weider Pro 4950 Home Gym

Lastly, we have the Weider Pro 4950 Home Gym, which is priced very cheap. However, it has more to offer than you would think because it has a lot of great features that you would often find in expensive home gym equipment.

First of all, this model comes with smooth and sturdy cables, and a progressive resistance of up to 325 pounds. It also weighs 150 pounds and can be adjustable in five-pound increments.

Another great thing about the Weider Pro 4950 is that it can allow for two users to train at the same time because it includes seven stations for a balanced body workout and it has adjustable seats so anyone in the family can use it whenever it is needed without problems.

However, it takes a long time to set up it up once it arrives home, and it is not as compact as you like it to be. Short people may not be able to enjoy it as much, as well. The preacher pad may also be prone to wear and tear.

Despite all its disadvantages, it can be known that the Weider Pro 4950 is really great for an overall strength training. If you are the type of person that has not lifted any muscle a day in their life, then you can easily start with baby steps by working out on this one. You have a lot to grow into this machine over time.



Weider might not be as famous as the Powertec or Bodysolid home gyms, but it is still a high quality brand. What is greatest about its home gyms and equipment is that they are much more affordable than its competition, and you can easily see that for yourself.

We can happily recommend this brand to you, but as with all of the best home gyms, we advise you to do your research and confirm that they sell what you are looking for. Pricing and reputation are an important blend here.

Last but not least, your needs will determine which model will fit your life habits properly. While some of the products reviewed are small versions of a home gym, the Weider Pro 4950 stands out for its features and affordability combined.


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