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Visual Impact Muscle Building Review

There are a lot of generalized workout programs in the market for losing fat or building muscle and workout programs for home, but programs focusing specifically on aesthetics are a lot fewer. The Visual Impact Muscle Building (VIMB) comes into this category.

Focusing on building muscle is not the criteria, but focusing on it in a specific way is what this program gives. With this the physique of a Hollywood celebrity can be achieved.

VIMB Review – What is it?

So what is VIMB? It is a technique in which weight loss or muscle building is done in order to help the people to get the physique like Hollywood celebrities. But this program is not for the people who want to look like Ronnie Coleman.

There is also an additional program aimed at women, you can read this review here.

The Workout Routine of Visual Impact Muscle Building

There are 3 phases of VIMB workout routine:

– The Phase of Sarcoplasmic Hypertrophy. With the help of high rep and high volume; the muscle is made to get fatigued so that a large amount of muscle gain is possible. This is what this phase is all about.
– The Phase of Increase Muscular Density. In this phase the high rep is brought down to as minimum as 5 reps in order to gain muscle and increase muscle. Thus, you will be lifting lesser rep and gaining better strength.
– The Phase of Max density and Definition. This phase is all about shedding the body fat and revealing the muscles of your body. With the help of heavy weights and low reps ranging between 2-5 is taken into account, the muscles of the body are revealed.

To be honest, if you are entering the gym for the first time to do workouts or after a long gap, you won’t be able to do the first phase. It will be very hard for you. But as you keep working out in the gym each week and you keep pushing your limits, your body will eventually adapt.

It’s not just Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat

You always hear that great muscle and perfect body cannot be achieved without doing the “Big 3” exercises. But this not true in order to attain a physique like Hollywood celebrities. Doing heavy deadlift, squat and bench is not necessary. Most guys just want a be lean and a body which is in proportion from all the sides and looks good with and without clothes.

Doing squats and deadlift gives a thick and muscular waist like a professional wrestler. They look like overly fat and it isn’t the case, they have a lot of muscles. Hence, by doing this you cannot the V-tapered and lean look that you are going after. And doing this will give you a overly huge lower body which will make your overall physique inappropriate.


– This is the best program in the market and there is no program like this. Unlike other programs which only concentrates on losing fat or gaining muscles, this concentrates and has a focus on aesthetic appeal.
– It has a great workout routine divided in 3 phases.
– You can take the print out of the workout charts so that you will remember what to do.
– It has a great demo in order to guide you how to do the exercises.


– No specific meal schedule given. It gives general info on general calorie and other nutrition plan, but no specific meal plan.

Conclusion of Visual Impact

So speaking of it overall, it is a great program in order to attain a Hollywood physique. But, if you still believe that a workout without deadlift, bench and squat is not good, then this is not for you.


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