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The Best Running Shoes for Overpronation 2017

To understand how to get the most out of running, you have to know how you run. We all have a particular stride and style, and to get the best out of our training we need to choose the right pair of running shoes to support that. Pronation is a key part of running, and it explains the way your foot rolls when you run. It can roll inwards, outwards, or neutrally.

If you know how your foot pronates, you can find a running shoe that will make your running significantly more comfortable. It can also help to reduce your chances of injury, as you choose a running shoe that supports your foot and helps you to run well.

Pronation is often linked to the kind of arch you have. Overpronation typically occursin feet that are flat or that have low arches. If you overpronate, you can suffer from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bunions or shin splints.

When a runner overpronates, their foot lands on the outer side of their heel. After this landing, the foot then rolls inward, and sends weight to the inner side of the foot. This then puts the pressure on the biggest toes (big toe and second toe) to do all the work when pushing off again.

This doesn’t mean that people who overpronate can’t run, it simply means that they need to use the right kit to prevent problems.

You can check whether or not you overpronate in a number of ways. There are high-tech ways to analyse your running stride, including a video gait analysis or 3D foot mapping. You can also pick up an old pair of running shoes, and inspect them.

If your shoe shows a lot of wear on the inside of the heel, or the ball of the foot, it’s a hint that you overpronate. Once you know, you can choose a running shoe that’ll support you. You need plenty of support, cushioning and stability.

ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 Running Shoe

The GT 1000 4 is designed to provide extra support to overpronators. It has a supportive yet bouncy midsole, which also provides cushioning and comfort. The shoe is flexible and lightweight, and uses DuoMax technology to support and guide your foot when running.

The Gel cushioning helps your foot to pronate correctly, and it works hard to minimise your risk of injury and increase your performance. They’re supportive, durable, and breathable, due to the materials used in their construction.


  • Comfortable and supportive, thanks to the Gel cushioning which absorbs shock well
  • Corrects overpronation with the mid-foot stability technology and support
  • Lightweight, yet provides good traction for running
  • Reasonably priced and available in a wide range of colours


  • They run narrow so if you have wide feet, try they on before buying, if you can


ASICS Women’s GT2000 4 Running Shoe

These running shoes are durable and made from strong materials. They’re ideal for road running and for long training sessions. They have a breathable mesh, and provide a lot of supportive cushioning.

Similarly to the GT 1000 4, these running shoes have Gel cushioning which absorbs shock very well and provides consistent cushioning to the heel area. These shoes are also designed to combat overpronation, featuring similar mid-foot stability technology to the GT 1000 4.

They support the foot to prevent it rolling inwards, by providing adaptive midsole support and an outsole that encourages the foot to find more stability.


  • These are strong and durable, and have a secure fit which envelops the foot closely
  • The cushioning technology is stabilising and comfortable
  • Available in a range of colours and price points
  • Works well to correct overpronation, by stopping the inward roll of the foot


  • These are slightly less flexible than many running shoes
  • Most wearers recommend buying a half size up, to get the best fit


Saucony Men’s Omni 13 Running Shoe

The Saucony Omni 14 running shoes are designed to help to correct overpronation by controlling the way the foot moves. They are very effective at doing that, by using their GRID technology to stabilise and centre the foot.

This pair of running shoes also has great shock absorption thanks to the cushioning and materials used. The outsole is made from a type of rubber that also provides extra cushioning. They’re very lightweight and have a mesh upper that allows the foot to breathe.

These shoes also have moisture wicking technology, which is very helpful for keeping sweaty feet happy on a long run. The overpronation protection in this pair of running shoes is the star of the show however, providing excellent support and stability.


  • Very good cushioning, support and shock absorption, making them a comfortable shoe
  • Corrects overpronation by controlling the motion of the foot
  • Breathable, flexible and lightweight to wear
  • Prevents the foot rolling inwards so helps to reduce injury


  • The design means it has a narrow toe box, which can affect the durability of the shoe



These three running shoes are all great choices if you’re an overpronator and want to find a shoe that will help to control your foot movement. They all utilise great technology to help keep the foot moving the way it should do if you want to maximise your potential as a runner.

If you are able to run in a pair of shoes designed to help with overpronation, you may find that your risk of injury is reduced and your enjoyment increases. When looking for a good running shoe, it’s best to choose a shoe that has good heel support and also support for your arches.

These pairs by ASICS and Saucony offer both heel and arch support, through their hefty amounts of cushioning, stability technology, and good quality materials. If you invest in a pair, you could see for yourself the difference that the right pair of running shoes can make to your training.


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