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It’s a good question, what is the best fitness bike for men? Before answering though, there are several factors that need to be taken into account.


  • What is your budget? A very important consideration with bikes ranging from less than $150 up to whatever you want to pay.
  • What do you want to use it for? Just a little low impact exercise to get the pulse beating a bit or some serious high-intensity training.
  • What about the size of the bike? Are you going to keep it in a purpose built gym where space is not a problem or is it going to be in the corner of a room that is used for other things?
  • How much use is it going to get? Are you going to use it most days and get full use out of the bike or are you only going to use it once in a while?
  • Is the bike comfortable for you to use? This is often over looked. Is the saddle comfortable for you to sit on when exercising? After all if you are unable to use your bike because the seat is uncomfortable it is just a waste of your money and takes up room.
  • What configuration do you want? There are three basic configurations in exercise bikes:

– Upright, similar to a normal bike you would ride on the road.

– Recumbent, where you are almost laying back. There is often a padded backrest and this type of bike of often recommended for those recovering from injuries.

-Training cycles, these are usually used for serious hard training. The configuration is similar to a racing bike.

Below are some typical examples of different configuration exercise bikes. All of which have high customer review ratings.

Ultrasport Exercise F Bike

This bike is a good starter bike. It costs about $150. It folds away to save space when not in use. It has different resistance settings to suit your exercise needs plus a display for heart rate, calories consumed, distance travelled etc. it is also height adjustable.

Kettler Giro R Recumbent Exercise Bike.

This is a good example of a recumbent exercise and fitness bike. It retails at about $600. It is mains powered and, due to the setup, does take up some room. It has wheels to help move it from place to place but would be better if it could be left in one position.

This mains powered bike has a choice of pre-programmed exercise routines and a full display of all essential information to read off while you are exercising. An optional chest strap heart rate monitor is also available.

Cintura Pro-Cycle 4500 Racing Exercise Bike

Retailing at about $350 this is an exercise bike for the more high intensity training. It comes with a 50 lb. flywheel which help stability at the higher loads that tend to be put on racing style exercise bikes. It has an emergency flywheel brake for safety during high speed exercises and a water bottle to allow for hydration whilst exercising.

Top of the Range Exercise Bikes

The above exercise bikes are highlighted to give examples of what is available at the entry level. At the higher end, machines costing $10,000 and upwards, similar configurations are available and there are extra features like built in TV screens, plugs for your mp3 players.

They are obviously intended to take more use and abuse that you would give them on a bike for the exclusive use of you and possibly your family.


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