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Powertec Smith Workbench Multi System WB-MS Review

Staying fit and healthy is not a priority for a majority of the people. It is quite sad that they do not realize the importance of working out and staying fit. If only people would take the effort to workout for as little as thirty minutes each day then they would experience the myriad benefits of working out!

Exercising lowers stress levels and helps in keeping the body fit and healthy by maintaining healthy joints and muscles, slowing the aging process, improving the stamina, strengthening the immune system, lowering the risk of multiple diseases, reducing anxiety, boosting the mood, improving the memory and so on.

Keeping fit and working out on a regular basis becomes easier if one happens to have a home gym. This is particularly useful in case of people who lead busy and hectic lifestyles. Now, getting a home gym solution does not always have to be an expensive affair. You can also get a decent fitness equipment without breaking the bank!

One of the top recommendations in this regard would be the Powertech Workbench Multi System WB-MS. This is an all-rounder which allows you to set up your own home gym without buying a lot of individual fitness equipment or free weights! This detailed Powertec Smith Machine review will help walk you through the features of the product so that you can decide as to whether you’d purchase the product or not.

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General Overview

Powertec Smith Multi System[/easyazon_link] WB-MS is one of the best equipment to add to your home gym. They are highly worthwhile because they offer excellent workout options. This is a multi-exercise machine which means that you wouldn’t need to invest in multiple gym machines. Instead, you can just opt for this one and enjoy trying out more than a dozen effective free weight exercises targeting every major muscle group in your body. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to classify this as a value for money product!


Multiple Exercise Options – As suggested by its name, this is a multi system, it offers more than twelve single station machines. You can quickly shift from one station to another by making minimal adjustments. Some of the exercises that can be performed on this machine are calf raise, inclined leg lift, seated triceps pushdown, lunges, incline shoulder press, high cable side crunch, close grip pull down, seated row, squats and so on.

Protection for the back – The device comes with new and improved back padding on the seat which is capable of providing proper support to the lower back when working out.

Safe to use – The multi system comes with a stopper in order to protect the users when they are exercising on the machine.

Multiple Users – This system does not just contain multiple station machines but it also allows multiple users to use it at a time. There can be up to three people using this system at a time without getting too crowded.

Low Maintenance Device – Since this Powertec Smith multi system does not have any pulleys or cables therefore it requires little to no maintenance at all! Moreover, the driven lever arms of the machine facilitates smooth and quiet operation.

Provision for installing additional accessories – The Multi System allows users to install up to eleven additional accessories to it so that they can perform more varieties of exercises.


The multi-press station load capacity is 500 pounds, the same goes for the squat station load capacity. As for the lat station load capacity, it is 400 pounds. In case of leg lifts, the load capacity is 250 pounds, which is quite impressive. The load capacity for arm curl and ab crunch is 200 and 150 pounds respectively.

The entire machine weighs 475 pounds and has a dimension of 119 x 78 x 96 inches (Width x Height x Depth). It would easily fit into most of the home gyms due to its compact size.

Bottom Line

All in all, this Powertec Smith machine is an excellent investment. The construction of the machine is very sturdy as well, therefore you can expect it to work, even years down the line. If you have been wanting to get fit and strong but you are putting off the task due to lack of time to hit your local gym then this is the right product for you.


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