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Power-tec Home Gym Reviews

Those who like to workout with strength equipment (i.e. weight lifting or power exercises) have two options when it comes to training time: you either go to a gym or bring the gym into your house. If you are here, it is because you are most probably into the latter than into the former.

Although building up a gym at home does not sound so easy, the truth is that getting proper equipment has become simpler with time as companies now manufacture machines and gear kits that bring several useful things featured in the same product.

Nowadays, you don’t have to get a bench to work your biceps and a different one to do abdominal exercises. Luckily, brands have turned more practical and have focused on offering the possibility of getting numerous machines with different purposes, all in one, because who wants to have several big metallic structures at home when you barely have space for stretching?

There are quite a few brands that sell the “Home Gym” equipment but as always, some sell higher quality products than others, and Powertec is definitely one of them.

In case it is the first time you hear about this company, we can assure you that there is no doubt that Powertec is one of the leading brands in the area of strength equipment and fitness.

They have been around the industry since 1997, producing a well-known line of home gyms and other training equipment for both houses and light commercial purposes such as small fitness centers.

Since they first opened, they have been able to increase their global presence thanks to their operations around the world such as in the United States, Europe and Asia. This has helped them gain popularity and praise.

Their brand is highly sought after by the educated buyer who is searching for weight capacity maximization and intense training without, of course, compromising their safety. In addition, Powertec offers their users customization of the Workbench Home Gyms through the extensive accessory modularization they have on the market.

Truly, the product catalog is huge. And although this might be a downside for some, it is the only way through which Powertec Home Gym can adapt to the needs of every user, allowing them to select the extensions that will help them build the machine they are truly looking for.

Another thing that Powertec excels at is affordability. The majority of customers consider that both Workbenches and extensions have great prices, meaning that with this brand you can buy commercial gym quality machines at lower fees.

Below, we will be offering several Powertec Home Gym reviews that will be quite useful for those of you who are thinking about acquiring one but are not sure which one best fits your desires. But before that, let’s go over a few things you should know before choosing Powertec as the brand that will provide your strength equipment.

What You Should Know

Componets and Materials

All Powertec frame structures are made out of hot rolled (low-carbon), high-level grade steel. This steel frame is cleaned, treated, and then painted and baked in a hard, powder coat finish.

The color availability varies according to the models or pieces you are buying, but most of them come in either jet black or yellow, or a combination of both.

The pads of the benches and other parts are made out of thick, high-density foam that is surrounded by upholstery. The rollers pads are also finished with fabric, secured with an aluminum end cap.

Design Your Gym Feature

We have stated before that the catalog includes numerous products, and because Powertec knows this, they have given customers the possibility of creating a gym plan for you home through an online software that allows you to take measurements of both your gym room and the machines you want to purchase.

You can find this application through their official website. The feature is easy to use: you select in which type of room you will be setting up the equipment and later introduce data the measurements for such room. This will create a blueprint where you can later load the machines you are interested in.

What is useful about this planning is that the workbenches and other pieces show up in the exact size that they will be occupying once you set them up in your house, saving you quite a lot of time from knowing whether or not they will fit.


The warranties vary according to the product you purchase, and it is established as follows:

  • Lifetime Warranty on Structural Frame (Excludes Surface Finish)
  • 5-year warranty on Moving Frames (Press Arms and other unspecified moving components)
  • 2-year warranty on Components (Locking Pins, Pulleys, Bearings, Slide Rods, Cables)
  • 1-year warranty on Grips, Pads, and other unspecified parts

Free Shipping

All products created by Powertec count with Free Shipping for any address inside the United States. If you are buying one of their machines through Amazon, make sure that the Free Shipping Policy is being followed and that you are not being charged an extra fee.

The processing time is of around 5 days, and another additional 5 to 7 days will pass before it gets shipped to your house. However, if you would like to rush the processing time, you can pay an additional amount of $50 and jump to the shipping time almost immediately.

Powertec Equipment Reviews

Now, as for the reviews, we have selected four of the most popular Powertec Home Gyms and will be detailing its features along with useful information that can help you know what you would be buying if you purchased one of these models.

Here are the Powertec Home Gym reviews:

Powertec Fitness WB-LS Workbench Leverage Gym

The Powertec WB-LS Workbench Leverage Gym is very convenient because of all its great features. First of all, it comes with redesigned Ipsilateral Arms so you can train symmetrically and biomechanically. This is a great enhance when it comes to arm performance.

Also, this model has a lever arm that simply replaces the barbell making. You should know that this is by far the most effective and safest method of resistance training available! It also comes with an original linkage seat section that offers several positions that can adapt to your routine. The range of bench settings go from45 to 90 degrees.

Moreover, the seat is built on an axis allowing it to swivel out of the way, which opens up the main lever section which allows you to do power movements such as rows and squats. This can be done through a Lock and Load system that, in combination with the wheels it features, provides an easy in and out access to the bench area.

It also has a high/ low cable and the leg extension/ leg curl systems, making this an all in one machine. The weight capacity for this Powertec Workbench is 500lbs for the press Arm, and 300lbs for the cable, and the total dimension is 81.7 inches tall, by 81.4 inches long and 57.5 inches wide.

Some of the exercises that you can do on this Workbench are: triceps press, shoulder press, bench press, curls, squats, calf raises, lateral pull down, rows, front lateral and shrugs. The more extensions you get and attach to the unit, the wider the range of exercises you can perform.

One thing to keep in mind is that the weights are not included, so you will have to purchase those on your own; the same goes for any other bench accessories that you might want. Users tend to recommend on buying more weights that you might think you will need because they add up to the weight of the machine, helping to keep it pinned to the floor.

Another detail that users have complained about is that the instructions that come with the package are not the greatest, and that you might want to leave all the bolts half loose until you are sure that they are in the place where they belong. Otherwise, you will have to unscrew them and start all over again.

Overall, the Powertec Fitness Workbench Lever Gym is a very sturdy machine that will last a long time, is not hard to set up, and gives you versatility when it comes to choosing which accessories you will be attaching that will help you simplify your training routine.

Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System

The Powertec Fitness Workbench Multi System is priced at $1,649.00 & FREE Shipping when you get it from amazon.com. This model is a big one, and comes with two sitting stages that allow you to perform far more exercises than with smaller home gyms.

This Workbench comes with isolateral arms that improve top clearance, giving space for 3 people to use the model at the same time, so if someone else at home is as interested as you on exercising, this Multi System will let you train at the same time!

It also has plates that are loaded directly onto the lever providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine. The inner let pull handles give you additional exercises possibilities with over 12 single station machines.

The weight capacity of its lever press arm is 500 lbs; the let lever holds up to 400lbs; the ab crunch’s capacity is 100lbs and the squat lever arms can reach up to 500lbs. In addition, it is a big equipment, so make sure that you have enough space at home before ordering it! You can use their online software to measure everything and confirm it does fit in your available space.

One that this model features is that the users can exercise each arm separately or lock both arms and use it as a conventional Bench Press. It also comes with the bar that can be used for biceps, bent over rows and back exercises.

Remember that this model, as the rest of Powertec Home Gyms, does not come with any weights or the leg lift/curl accessory. You will have to buy those separately so it is a good idea to order them on the same purchase.

Another thing that you have to think of if you are planning on purchasing the Powertec Multi System is that the whole package weights over 300lbs, which means that shipping carriers may not be able to take it to your front door, so you will have to come up with a solution for that.

Also, this Multi System is difficult to assemble. The instructions are not clear, nothing is numbers and you will have to try your best to put it together with common sense. Do not fasten the bolts until you are sure about every piece’s position and, if necessary, write to the company and ask for help. They usually reach back quite fast.

However, once you manage to put it together, you will end up with a multi functional home gym that is sturdy, versatile, and long-lasting. It will offer you the possibility of working out with other 2 people, and the range of exercises you can do it with is huge! This is definitely a product that is worth its price.

Powertec Fitness Multi Press Workbench

This Powertec Fitness Multi Press Workbench can be bought through amazon.com at a fair amount of $617.38, and it features new designs on a couple of parts considering it is one of the latest models Powertec has on the market.

The workbench system is completely new, and it allows users to adjust the seating area by sliding the seat assembly on its sealed bearing carriage. As with the rest of the newest models, it comes with isolateral arms that can be used independently to exercise one arm at a time, or they can be locked together to be used as conventional bench press arms.

Also, the seat comes with additional stability than older models and the back rest pads can also be adjusted at different settings. The weight capacity of the press arms is 500lbs, and it has a great size so it will not be taking so much room as other, bigger home gyms.

The weights, as always, do not come with the Multi Press Workbench, so you will have to buy those, too. If you happen to have some at home already, make sure that they are Olympic size, as these are the only ones that fit on this bench.

The same happens with leg or lateral attachments, which you will have to order separately. However, what is great about Powertec is that they have a fitting system among pieces, so you can upgrade this bench easily.

Assembly is quite easier than with other models. Although the manual does not seem to bring many actual instructions or helpful pictures, users do not complain too much but do recommend that you find the three wrench sized that it requires or things might get a bit harder.

Overall, this Multi Press Workbench does what it was built for. It allows users to do military presses, bench presses, incline benches and other exercises that can increase with attachments.

The model is solid, sturdy and is truly high quality. All the parts move smoothly and users are pleased with its performance and price, considering it is an affordable home gym among competitors. Finally, it comes in a sober black color that you cannot go wrong with.

Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench

The last product to be reviewed is the Lever Gym Workbench, which you can buy on amazon.com by a total amount of $1,171.79 with Free Shipping to your house. This is also the latest model brought to the market by Powertec and it comes in three different colors: all black, majority of black with yellow details, and majority of yellow with black details.

This workbench also features new implementations when it comes to design, which can only be appreciated on their latest models. The seating area can be adjusted by sliding the seat assembly on its bearings carriage, and the backrest also comes with different settings that adapt to your most like position.

The whole bench design is made for providing further stability to the person sitting on it, although it is necessary to say that this workbench stands perfectly on its own and it is so well made that it does not feel wobbly at all.

Like most Powertec models, it comes with isolateral arms that can be locked to use together or released if you want to train one arm at a time. The maximum load capacity for the press arms is 500 lbs, and for the cable is a total of 300 lbs.

What is great about this model is that it will not be upgraded until 2018 so if you buy it, you can be sure of the fact that you are purchasing the Powertec Workbench with the latest technology. In addition to that, they also changed the paint finish from glossy to a matte one, instead, giving the whole equipment a greater look.

The weight plates are not included, but by now you might have been expecting that. Leg attachments and pec-fly attachments also go great with this model, and they allow you to do more exercises so we recommend that you get those, as well.

Something about this Powertec Lever Gym Work Bench was done right because it is a product that has only received good reviews from happy customers. Users consider the assembly really easy and that the machine is stable, sturdy and works just great.

If you do not have much space at home as to buy a Multi System Gym (which is quite big, actually), this Lever Gym Workbench is right for you. It is a relatively small model that has the highest of qualities and performance.

Final Thoughts

After looking closely at some of the Home Gyms and Workbenches that Powertec sells, we have come to the conclusion that no matter which one you get, you will be buying a great product that will simplify your training hours while offering comfort and top performance.

All four Powertec gyms are top quality so the one that fits best for your needs will depend on your budget and which exercises you intend to insert in your routine, as some workbenches obviously do not offer as much variety as the Multi System Gyms.

If you are short on space and budget, the Powertec Fitness Multi Press Work Bench is your best choice. Its price is affordable and it does not occupy as much space as other machines.

On the other hand, the Lever Gym Work Bench is the best all rounder, so if money is no object, this is the one you should pick up: it increases the amount of exercises you do by adding extra parts to the model, and it also comes with the latest technology so you can be sure that there is nothing better being sold by Powertec than the one you are buying.

Lastly, if you have enough room, the Multi System is definitely the best option. Even more if your house is full or training enthusiasts that would like to work out at the same time to make it even more dynamic.

But do not doubt: at the end of the day, if you can afford either of them, you will not go wrong for Powertec is a high quality brand that sells long-lasting home gyms so it will all come down to what exactly you are trying to achieve by exercising daily, how much room you have and, of course, how big you want your investment to be.


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