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Portable fitness equipment has high demand particularly by people with a busy lifestyle and with inadequate space in their home. It’s easier to carry along any time you want to exercise wherever you are. Nowadays, people have no excuse for not having adequate time since it can be used even at your own office or workplace.

You can work out during breaks to flex those lazy muscles of yours after long sitting hours.

If you are an athlete, lightweight and portable exercise equipment can help you in warming up before you head to your rigorous training. Many professional athletes are now using these equipment since they can truly help them in their daily training workout.

Before, people were hesitant of purchasing fitness machines for the reason that they don’t have enough space to keep them at home. They just missed exercising with these fitness equipment because of the size of the storage space needed. Rather than buying their own persona training equipment, they simply decide enrolling themselves to a gym or just jog and run around their neighborhood.

With the wide range of portable equipment in the fitness market, you can now have the pleasure of using the exercise equipment right at the comfort of your own premise.

Variety of Portable Fitness Equipment

There is a wide range of options to choose from. Some of the commonly used equipment includes:

Jungle Gym: Used for full weight training exercises such push-ups, leg curls, runners, core rollouts, etc.

TNT Cable: Used for resistance training that comprises squats, presses, cable cleans, full extensions, resisted running, Russian twists, diagonal lifts, rows backpedaling, etc.

Power Jump Rope: This is perfect for general full body conditioning. Jump Ropes are a great cardio-vascular exercise and an excellent way to burn calories.

Power Push up: This has been voted as the best workout equipment according to Men’s Fitness magazine. It has variable resistance key for push-ups.

The Power Jumper: This is a Jump Training device that’s simple to use and is one of the best equipment for weight training on the market today.

Portable Step is a handy piece of equipment that can boost an aerobic workout, support lower body workouts and act as a weight bench.

Exercise Balls come in inflatable versions with easy to use hand pumps.

Medicine Balls are inflatable balls as well. Each set comprises multi-sized balls that help in diverse exercises such as sit ups, pushups, squats and knee bends.

Even spinning a super heavy hula-hoop or poi is a great way you can lose calories and tone your muscles. Travelers who want to carry their exercise gear on their trips can go for heavy foldable hoops and cone poi with adjustable weight balls.

Cardio Equipment comprising portable treadmills, stair climbers, mini-cycles and rowers are typically foldable and some can be used for multiple functions.

Take caution, you may be fooled into purchasing unreliable fitness equipment thanks to the millions of hot-surefire-weight-loss scams that promise you the world.

Ensure that you select personally tried and tested tools and equipment to guarantee durability in the merchandise that can suitably support your body.

These equipment are quite easy to install, won’t take a huge space in your house, and above all, you can burn fats and remain fit all year long.


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