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Marcy Weight Bench Review

Over the years I have used, borrowed, lost, and destroyed more weight benches than I can count. This time around I tried out the Marcy Flat Weight Bench[/easyazon_link] rated for 1,000 lbs. Yeah, I know, a thousand pounds is a bit more than a guy my size needs (I have the build of a tennis player, tall and lanky).

But I plan on getting bigger. Plus, usually I buy a cheap bench because I think it’s really only used for laying down on and that’s about it. Then, I eventually get frustrated with the thing because, well, because it’s cheap and I use it for a lot more than just lying down on. So this time around I chose not to be a Cheap Charlie and see what happens.

First a few words about the bench itself. This Marcy weight bench comes in at 45 lbs. out of the box. The basic dimensions are 47” long, 17.5” tall, and the pad is 12” wide. The padding is fairly thick at 2.5” and feels firm. The tubing is 2×2” square with 11 gauge steel. Of course, like most benches it is not adjustable. Its job is to sit still. Assembly was easy enough.


Construction: The first thing you notice when you open the box is that it looks like a well-constructed piece of equipment. The joints look like they are welded together by a professional, and indeed, there is a photo of the bench on the web with exactly 1,000 lbs. of weights on it. That’s just a little more than what I usually workout with, so I felt confident it would hold-up okay.

Padding: For me, padding is important. I don’t care if that makes me sound a bit soft. I like my padding to be thick and as firm as possible. I am putting the padding of this Marcy bench in the Pros category because it is pretty thick and firm so far. The real test of course will be in 6 months, but so far it has a good start on other benches I have used.

Dips: I like to do dips. Since I don’t have a built-in dip stand in my basement, I rely on my bench to fill-in. Because this bench is so heavy I felt very secure while using it. It did not feel like it would tilt in any way, and that is important when you start getting higher up in your rep count and your form starts to get a little rough. Sometimes my form can get a little rough if I am really pressing myself or doing a time-challenge. I’ll give the Mary bench solid marks in this category.

Vinyl: This is usually a big negative with most benches. I guess vinyl is expensive and hard to put on. The vinyl on this bench has a textured surface and that helps with my grip a lot. Like I said, I do a lot of dips and my hands are right on the edge. Going up and down and sweating a lot can create a slippery surface. No problems with this bench so far. The vinyl has a deep textured surface that makes it a lot less slippery. Feels like my hands are firmly planted.


Width: I knew the width of the bench when I ordered it, but now I wish I had ordered one that was wider. Marcy offers another bench that is a bit wider, but I wanted this one because of the other features. This is not a deal breaker though. Some people prefer wider benches than others. If you’re broad-shouldered you might prefer a wider bench too, or you might like the less wide bench so it doesn’t restrict your downward movement when benching a flat bar or doing dumbbell flyes. It is just an individual preference really.

Padding: Yes I know I put padding as a Pro. But when I say I like my padding thick, I mean thick. With a bench so sturdy and strong, why not go ahead and use the thickest padding you can? So, if I have to think of a negative with this bench that would be about it. Not much of a big deal really.

All in all I am quite happy with this bench. The Marcy flat weight bench is as strong as steel and sits on my workout floor like granite. I feel very confident that it is not going to slip or move or wobble when I am going full-throttle in my workout. Thumbs up for this one.



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