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How Much Should You Pay for A Home Squat Rack

With expensive gym membership prices, many people are looking at options to invest in home gyms instead – but will it really save you money? Gym equipment can vary hugely in price, from a few pounds to thousands of pounds, so you need to know you are getting your money’s worth.

If you decide to invest in a squat rack as part of the home gym, be prepared to pay anything from around £80 up to nearer £5,000. What you go for is as much about budget as it is about the space you have available to accommodate the rack, the type of exercise you want to do, how big you need it to be, and your own personal safety.

What Do I Need to Think About?

One of the key issues is that you want to invest in something that will last, and not have to keep adding to it or replacing it as you start using bigger and bigger weights, for example.

If you are already in a routine and do not plan to increase your weights, then this is not so much of a problem, but if you are working up to bigger and bigger weights, then bear this in mind or you might end up buying several racks at a much higher cost than you first anticipated.

One of the best options is to get a rack with plates so that you can add to it without costing anything extra, rather than purchasing lots of dumbbell sets. That way you have a one-off cost which you will make back over the years by saving on gym memberships.

But with such a huge variation in price ranges, what can you really get for your money when it comes to squat racks and how much should you pay? Here is a quick review of the type and the size of the product you could purchase for each price level, to help you judge what would work best for your needs.

At The Lowest Price End – A Typical £80 Rack Would Give You the Following:

It is basically a very simple pair of adjustable uprights which you could then use to extend the length of your free-standing bench, or as a rack for both deadlifts and squats. The height is adjustable, between 93cm up to 160cm, with over 15 options, and this system can be moved to accommodate any barbell length.

The downside to this type of system is the weight limit – it has a maximum weight of 500kg. If you don’t have too much space in your house, then this could be a good choice as it only measures around 52cm by 52 cm and the height is adjustable. This does not provide the kind of cage safety support which other systems do.

Next in The Price Range – A Typical £150 Squat Rack Would Give You the Following:

A sturdy rack and pulldown center which can be used for a variety of exercises, including bicep curls, pull downs, squats and triceps push downs. It includes two options for barbell rests and is fully adjustable.

It includes a pulley system to add plates up and down very easily. At this price range most of them also include a curl bar and a pull down bar and they are fine to use with all 6ft and 7ft barbells. There is a maximum barbell load of 250kg and this rack measures 113cm x 115cm and is 205cm high. It is a far sturdier option providing more stability for workouts.

In The Middle of the Price Range – A Typical £400 Squat Rack Would Give You This:

A really strong welded steel mainframe providing very safe support while exercising, this rack can hold over 1,000 lbs. in weights and has a bar which can be moved up and down for weight gain and reduction, without the need to remove any plates, making it very user friendly.

This option includes oversized safeties which are made out of steel and have the mainframe uprights set at an angle which meets the body’s natural curve when lifting weights. This system also includes four posts for storage which enable you to suspend the weight plates, taking up less room and keeping the gym organized.

It measures 45 inches by 64 inches and is 74 inches high. This one has a very significant weight limit at 1,000lbs.

While at The Very Top End of the Price Range, a £3,000 Squat Rack Would Provide:

These are the type of racks an Olympian might use to train on and are described as the ultimate weight lifting station. They offer the full safety features of a completely enclosed rack and include hooks, integrated safety arms, legs and a chin bar with multi-grips. This is manufactured from heavy grade steel and can be configured to suit your particular needs.

These are the kind of racks which a professional gym would most likely install, but there is nothing to stop you from having one in your own home if you have the budget and space. These reach heights of between eight and nine feet so it is definitely more suited for a larger house or garage.

Whether you are just starting out using a gym at home or are a professional weightlifter lifting incredible weights, there is a squat rack out there that will suit your requirements – it’s just a matter of doing some research.

From £80 up to £3,000, the squat racks available on the market provide a wide variety of safety support, weight limits and sturdiness, not to mention coming in a huge number of different sizes.

If your gym room is space limited, then you need to think carefully before opting for one of the sturdy steel racks and go for one that has the built-in storage space to keep the area tidy. If you are not lifting supersize weights, again, go for something in the middle of the range that will last and won’t fall apart after a few months.


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