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Home Multi Gym Reviews

If you want to lead an active and healthy life, you need to take care of your body through exercises. Lots of people resort to cardio exercises such as biking and running to stay fit, but it is not enough. If you want to build muscles and boost metabolism, strength exercises have crucial role.

However, these types of machines and equipment are very costly, so they are not accessible for all. Gym membership can also be highly expensive with enrollment, monthly and annual fees. In such cases, home gym is the best solution for most health conscious people.

If you can select the best home gyms, they can help you to perform a full body workout from the comfort of your home. Some home gym systems only provide upper-body exercises by using tools such as row bar and lat bar. But, some other machines come with leg curls, leg press and other pieces of equipment to provide you full lower-body workout. You can also perform even 100 percent exercises from the comfort of your home if you purchase the best home multi gym machine.

Factors to Consider While Purchasing Home Multi Gym Machine

Once you decided to purchase a home gym machine, you must select equipment that provides you both lower- and upper-body workouts. The machine is also capable to do numerous exercises. You should check warranty of the equipment carefully. When searching for the best home gym equipment, you should consider the type of exercises the equipment allows you to perform.

Home gym machine should be purchased by considering your own strength and body weight. It is also essential to check the items included with the machine. Some machines come with frame and weight track, but some others can provide you additional items such as DVDs, pulley stations, ab harnesses and double-sided row bar. Before purchasing a home gym, you should ensure that you will get all these items.

Top 3 Home Multi Gym Reviews

Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym

This multi gym home system is designed entirely for home users who seek a versatile machine for effective, comfortable and safe workouts. The weight of Weider Pro 5500 is 85 kg and it can withstand up to 150kg weights. The machine is equipped with high and low pulley stations, arm press, butterfly station with padded horizontal butterfly arms, hamstrings for leg extensions and curls, and leg developer with 4-foam, padded station that isolates quads.

Preacher pad and adjustable seat offers a comfortable workout position. Ankle strap allows you to get most of the pulleys.


Weider Home Body Works

This machine enables you to do various types of strength training exercises because it comes with chest fly, chest press, low or high pulley with bicep curl pad. Four roller leg unit helps you to develop hamstring and quad muscles. Weight of this gym is 57 kg and its maximum resistance is 150kg.


BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym

This home gym is a great choice for fitness enthusiasts. You can exercise all your major muscle groups if you do workouts on this machine. Upright backrest and deep padded seat provides you comfort when you do workouts. Bowflex is one of the most popular brands around.


These are some of the best home multi gym reviews. You can select a home multi gym machine as per your budget, preferences, space, personal goals and needs.


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