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Without a doubt, gym flooring installation could burn a hole in your pocket. In fact, it wouldn’t make any difference if it’s for home or institutional use, both of which would practically cost the same. Likewise, if you’re planning to build your very own home gym, it’s advisable to choose a design that would serve multiple functions.

This could range from supporting the weight of your exercise equipment to playing indoor sports to serving as a multi-purpose hall that you could use for meetings and other kinds of large gatherings. There are several home gym flooring to choose from and each has their own use, as well as aesthetic pros and cons.

Wood Flooring

Wood is the most used material for home gym flooring. Aside from being visually appealing, wood flooring is also considered to be versatile. Thus, you’ll be rest assured that this type of flooring would provide a strong and resilient surface while looking good at the same time. Likewise, it also provides a high level of bounce that’s very ideal if you’re planning to use the area for indoor sports, such as volleyball and basketball.

Keep in mind though, wood floors are very vulnerable to moisture and dirt. Likewise, it could be difficult to maintain, especially if the area would be visited by a number of people every day. However, if it’s just for home use, it wouldn’t be an issue.

Friendly Tip: The most common types of wood used for gym flooring are beech and maple.

Rubber Flooring

Due to the fact that the most rubber gym flooring comes with interlocking tiles, installing and removing them could be quite easy. Moreover, if you want a rubber flooring that would appear seamless, it’s ideal to opt for large tiles. They’re also better as compared with other materials, such as wood– that are usually available in thin sheets.

Ideally, this type of flooring is intended if you’re planning to use it for weightlifting and other strenuous workout activities. The cushioned surface could provide safety and comfort to the occupants during their training. Likewise, it could also cushion the fall of heavy exercise equipment, like the barbells.

Though, if you’re on a tight budget, rubber flooring may seem a bit pricey. Also, it’s not recommended to use rubber flooring if you’re going to play indoor sports, such as volleyball, badminton, and basketball. Being made of rubber, they’re considered to be less stable and less resilient than wood.

Friendly Tip: Instead of installing the rubber flooring in your entire home gym, you could purchase rubber mats individually and just use them to cover a part, such as underneath heavy equipment.

Vinyl Flooring

They’re considered to be the cheapest kind of home gym flooring and you can buy them in sheets. Also, the good thing about vinyl flooring is that they’re available in various colors, styles, and patterns. You could personalize your home gym depending on your taste.

However, even though they’re aesthetically pleasing, vinyl flooring is easily damaged and often require maintenance and repairs. As compared to rubber and wood flooring, vinyl flooring has a shorter life span too.

Concrete Flooring

This kind of flooring is easy to install and only require very little, to none maintenance. A concrete gym floor could also be used as a base layer on which you could install another type of flooring, such as rubber mats and vinyl. Additionally, having a concrete floor would allow athletes to perform activities that require legwork, since there’s no bounce on this type of flooring.

Though, during fall and winter months, it’s advisable to maintain your concrete floor in good condition at all times to prevent injuries.

Carpet Flooring

For small residential spaces, especially for home gyms, using carpet could be an ideal option. It has the ability to minimize noise as it’s soft to walk on and the cushioned surface of it would be beneficial for heavy exercise equipment. Though, maintaining a carpet floor could be difficult, because it’s prone to stain and damage.

Also, cleaning them could be really cumbersome. Thus, it’s not advisable for large areas where a lot of people gather to train.

Tiles Made from Virgin Rubber

For home use, this is definitely a must have. Though, in order to install this type of flooring in your home gym, you must have an allotted budget, because it could be quite expensive. It’s definitely worth every single penny and it’s going to last for a long time, Thus, when it comes to practicality, it’s also considered to be a prime choice.

Another perk of using virgin rubber is that they don’t reek. Due to the fact that most gym floors are made from recycled floor tiles, they often produce a certain kind of odor after prolong use. However, with a virgin rubber tile, it’ll absorb the moisture and would keep the area easy to clean.

Cork Flooring

If you’re a nature lover, then you should opt for cork flooring. It’s a type of flooring that’s soft, yet sturdy– which makes it an ideal flooring, especially for home gyms. Likewise, if you enjoy high-intensity workouts, especially the ones that require a lot of jumping, then you would find a cork flooring beneficial. Lastly, cork flooring is more suited for home gym rather than vinyl.

EVA Foam Tiles

Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) tiles are lightweight and very easy to acquire. For home use, it’s suggested to opt for home gymnasium tiles because they’re affordable and colorful.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind, in order to figure out the best home gym flooring, research is very crucial. If done correctly, you’ll come up with your own home gym that you can be proud of. Likewise, as much as possible, avoid making hasty decisions in terms of what gym flooring to use and the person who should install it. It’s important to allot some time and determine which one is the most beneficial in the end.

Your home gym flooring could have other purposes, aside from its standard use. You could dress it up with throw rugs and give it a formal look. Similarly, if you’re fond of dancing, you could turn it into an instant dance floor. That’s why it’s very important to select the type of flooring that fits with your personality.


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