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The type of flooring for home gym that you use is just as important as all other aspects of the home gym you are putting together. While adequate space and proper equipment are musts, so to is the floor that you set your gym up on. An improper type of flooring can become damaged by equipment, and it can also be dangerous.

Before you go out and start buying gym equipment you need to think about what your specific requirements are going to be.

For example if you are interested in a gym where you can do aerobics then your needs are going to be different than if you are planning to put in weight lifting equipment. If you are planning on creating a gym that has weight lifting equipment along with a space for aerobic exercises then you are going to have to install more than one type of flooring.

By taking the time to plan now you can ensure that the type of flooring you have suits your needs so that you can enjoy your home gym for years to come.

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Types Of Flooring To Consider

1. Concrete.

In many cases a simple concrete floor is a great option, and it is one of the most economical. If you are putting your home gym in your garage for example, then you already have a concrete floor in place. Concrete is very durable and can withstand just about any type of punishment you can give it.

If you are a heavy weight lifter then you can safely keep several hundred pounds of weights in your gym without worrying about damaging the flooring. As long as you aren’t dropping weights or intentionally trying to damage the concrete, you probably won’t ever have to replace your gym floor.

The downside to concrete is that it is not the most comfortable material to walk around on. During winter months it can get very cold, and if wet it can also be slippery which can be dangerous. If you don’t have any other options then you can simply use concrete as your floor, but it isn’t your best option.

2. Epoxy.

An epoxy coating is one of the fastest and easiest options that you have when it comes to a home gym floor. Epoxy coatings are inexpensive, and they can be applied in a short amount of time. Epoxy seals in the concrete which helps to protect it from staining and other types of wear and tear damage. Another major bonus of epoxy is that you can buy coatings that have additives to give your flooring some texture.

This will take away from some of the dangers of slipping that you would have on a regular concrete floor. However it’s important to remember that epoxy does next to nothing to cushion the concrete so it’s still not an ideal choice if you plan on doing a lot of aerobic exercises.

3. Carpet.

Not the kind of carpet that you put in your house, but thin, carpeting with no padding. This type of carpeting is used in offices and other public settings because it is durable and long lasting. In fact many gyms that you go to may have this type of carpeting, and even some basketball gyms use this type of carpeting.

There are three main advantages with using this type of carpeting for your home gym floor. First it gives you great footing so that you don’t have to worry about slipping. The second advantage is that it will be much warmer during winter months than concrete flooring. The third advantage, albeit a minimal one, is that it will add a slight amount of cushion to the floor.

Carpeting is relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and will last for a long time.

4. Wood.

Wood is probably the best option that you have for a home gym floor if you do it the right way. Wood is a versatile type of floor that can be used for aerobic exercises, and if you put down mats you can place heavy weight lifting equipment on it as well. Because wood naturally slightly flexes with impact it will reduce the impact forces on your body during high impact training.

You have to be careful with wood flooring because it can be slippery, and it can also be damaged if you don’t put down some type of floor mat before you put heavy equipment down.

Other Important Things To Remember

1. Make sure that you consider what type of flooring you are going to need. If you plan on doing lots of aerobics then you don’t want to punish your body by doing these types of workouts on concrete. You should also strongly consider using more than one type of flooring.

For example putting down wood flooring in an area where you will be doing aerobics, and then carpet for your weight lifting equipment might be a great solution for you. Sure it’s more work, but in the end you want to be as comfortable as possible in your new home gym.

2. Don’t forget to buy mats and other accessories if needed. If you have a wood floor installed, then spend a little money on some padded mats that can help to protect it. If you opted to go with simple concrete, then maybe you can buy a padded mat for areas that you plan to do high impact training in.

By making sure that you have the right accessories in your home gym you can get the most out of the flooring for home gym that you decided to go with. If you want to save money by going with simple concrete, then make sure that you have exercise mats down to protect your bones and joints.

The small investment you make now can do wonders to preserves your joints in the future.

3. Planning now can save you headaches in the future. Remember that you are putting in a home gym because fitness is an important part of your life and likely will remain so for the foreseeable future. By taking the time to plan now you can ensure that the flooring in your gym will hold up and meet your needs for years to come.


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