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Keeping fit is very important. However, for those of us who operate under tight schedules, going to the gym may pose quite a challenge. This should not worry you any more. You can still keep fit in your home without visiting a gym. You just have to make your own DIY Home Gym.

With this in mind, let’s look at some equipment to help you save money and time while at the same time maintain your fitness at a DIY Home Gym.

Four must have equipment for a DIY Home Gym.

1. Plyometric Boxes.

There is nothing that will help you build explosive strength like jumping on a plyometric box. Though plyo boxes tend to be very expensive, you can still make ones at home. Plyometric boxes are very efficient when added as finishing an exercise.

2. Sandbags.

A sandbag is a very versatile exercise equipment. You can use it to do snatches, carries, cleans and even strongman loading. Moreover, they cost next to nothing to make. All you need is an old duffel bag, pea gravel and contractors bag.

To make a sandbag, double-bag your pea gravel into the contractors bags and the tape them securely. Make sure that the weight of each small bag is something you can load. Fit the small sandbags in the navy weight and start loading. You can alter the weight as you see fit.

3. Lifting Platform.

Olympic lifts are the core of every weight lifting exercise. To perform Olympic lifts, you need a lifting platform. You can purchase a lifting platform or make your lifting program using wood. Whatever way you decide to go, a lifting platform is cheap and easy to make.

4. Pulling tires/sled.

One of the easiest exercise to increase work capacity and physical preparedness is pulling a sled. Though you will not find a pulling sled in a fitness store, you can make one at home but it require yo to make the best use of your welding skills.

You will require a 1.25 squire steel tubing, an 18″x 24″ piece of steel sheet and a towing strap. Bend the steel sheet at a 45 degrees angle at one end. Then drill a hole through its lip for a tow rope. Cut the tubing into three o.25 pieces that will be used as the spacers for the weight plates to sit on. After this, weld the 12.25” long tubing in the center of the flat steel surface.

These four pieces of equipment are enough to get you started with your DIY Gym. Later you can add other equipment like a Keg, giant tractor tires and slosh pipe.