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Can You Run in Nike Roshes

Can you run in Nike Roshes is the question which comes up many times on sport and fitness forums across the internet. Are Nike Roshes running shoes or just fashion/leisure footwear?  To answer these questions, we first need to figure out what a running shoe is.

What Qualities Make Up a Good Running Shoe?

Unfortunately, it’s not an easy question to answer as there is no perfect running shoe that can be held up to compare with the Roshes to say whether it’s good or bad, which is why the debate rages on.

Everyone who wears running shoes has different needs from their shoes because no person is the same. The requirements depend on how you run, your weight, your height, where you run, and what shape your feet are. The shoes that help you run perfectly could hamper someone else’s running style altogether.

There are Two Main Areas to Consider for Running Shoes:

Support And Stability

All runners will need good support levels and good cushioning within their running shoes, and this is particularly important for those who tend to roll their feet when running. Therefore, always look for a supportive running shoe.

Weight Of The Shoe

If you are training for a race or running long distance in particular, then look for a more lightweight shoe. They still need to offer support and stability, but the lighter the better to help you run faster.

So, What About Nike Roshes?

If you take into account the requirements for support, cushioning and lightness, then it is clear that you shouldn’t really consider running in these – they are meant to be stylish and fashionable. They are very lightweight, which is why people want to run in them, however, the support is not adequate.

What Would Happen if You Used Them for Running?

A professional runner did just that – tried running in Roshes only for several weeks, and then publicly revealed the results. On the first appearance, with their lightweight feel and sock liner and sole inserts, they appear to be good running shoes. They also come in bright visible colors which are great for running at night.

Initially, while warming up, the runner reported bounce in the shoes and was impressed with how responsive they were. However, once sprinting out on a track, the issues started to become more evident. There was foot sliding and the laces came undone regularly.

The issues became even more apparent when taking the shoes out to run on a paved path, rather than a track. There was a considerable difference in the feel and comfort of the shoe on the pavement. However, on artificial turf they came into their own and were incredibly comfortable. After two weeks of running in them they showed no signs of wear or tear at all, which was fantastic news.

The real test came when actually running on the normal pavement and this really showed that they are not good for running. With the street being uneven, there were several times when the runner feared that making a wrong step, with these shoes, would result in an ankle injury.

So Can You Run in A Roshe Run?

Well, yes you can, and if your running shoes are out of action, then these can be temporary substitutes but they are really only good for casual running rather than serious runners, particularly those who pound the pavements on a regular basis. They are great on the track or artificial turf but should not become your regular go to running shoe.

Why Do People Think Roshes are for Running?

Well, firstly they are called Nike Roshe Run, which is where the confusion starts – perhaps a rebrand would solve the problem! But they are also very lightweight, weighing only 10 ounces, so in theory they would make a good running shoe. They also have a nice waffle outsole and a nice mesh feature which makes them super comfortable and cool.

So What are Roshes Good for?

Roshes look good so they can be worn as an everyday casual shoe for those who want to make a fashion or style statement, with their bright colors, distinctive look and well-known brand, they are the perfect accompaniment to any stylish but casual outfit.

They are also super comfortable, so for someone who is on their feet all day at work, they are the perfect choice of shoe. Hospital workers, teachers or someone working in a shop who has to stand behind a counter all day long would greatly benefit wearing these shoes.

In the sporting world, they do have their place as they can certainly be used as a general workout shoe down the gym or for classes such as aerobics, where the level of support and cushioning needed is far less than for running, due to the impact level on the joints.

They are also often the shoe of choice for other sports such as volleyball, tennis or netball, due to their bounce support and lightweight nature, helping the wearer to make the moves they need to, to reach the ball.

Likewise, light walking such as commuting to work, or shopping at the weekends, will be made much more comfortable using these shoes, although they would probably not be great for a hike in the countryside due to the materials they are made from being fabric and lightweight.

Are Roshes good running shoes? In the first appearance, yes they are, as they seemed to be lightweight and supportive, but as the running tests showed, they failed to support adequately, particularly when running on the pavement, and left the runner feeling vulnerable.

So no, Roshes are not good running shoes – they are casual running shoes at best, but they are very stylish, very comfortable lifestyle shoes which have countless other uses where they pass all of the tests you can think of for footwear. They look good, feel good, and come in a nice variety of styles and colors, so what’s not to like?


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