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Keeping fit requires routine. For you to be able to see and feel any results you must go through that repetitive process, maybe not daily but at least three times a week.You’ll find all that you need for your work outs inside a gym, but joining one comes at a certain cost, for one, the actual monthly price of a gym membership.

Getting in your car and driving all the way to it can quickly start feeling like a chore, demotivate you and ruin your training schedule.

If you decide to build a home gym of your own, you’ll be able to work out whenever you feel like it. It takes a lot less time to walk to your basement or garage than to travel to another location which means it’ll get easier to plan your sessions. You’ll also save up on costs. It might not seem like it at the beginning, when investing in gym equipment, but you’ll be using that equipment for a very long time with no membership to pay for, ever.

If you’re in it for the long haul, a home gym makes more sense financially than paying for a membership.

Gaining muscle mass and improving your conditioning require more than a pair of dumbbells that you can just roll under a bed when finished. You’ll need space and proper equipment but most importantly, you need to plan ahead.

Location, Location, Location

The first aspect you should consider is the proper space that will end up being your own personal gym. Most rooms in the household are a no-no. Even if your living room is large enough to accommodate all you need, having weights sitting around idly in living spaces is just asking for an accident. Besides the obvious risk of injuring yourself, you might want to keep those rooms guest and wife-friendly.

That leaves you with two choices: the garage or the basement. Each of them has its pros and cons. The basement has no car in it, which means you’ll still be able to park in the garage. On the other hand, basements are usually more cramped and lacking the proper ventilation for physical exercise. Huffing and puffing in a sauna of your own sweat with artificial lighting and possibly a low ceiling isn’t exactly the ideal way to train.

If you decide to build a home gym in your garage, you’ll have to leave your car in the driveway or in the street, however you won’t be deprived of sunlight and enough fresh air. You can always open the garage door and get rid of that claustrophobic feeling. For it to be most effective, physical training must be placed in context. You’ll be in a better state of mind and more energetic if you like the environment you’re in.

Make A List, Or Just Borrow This One

If you’re just starting to workout and have no clue on what you should focus on, you’ll have to do some research. Different equipment facilitates different results. Do you mean to just get in shape and do a bunch of compound exercises? Would you like to get bigger and stronger, add muscle mass but also develop your strength? Your aim will decide what equipment to buy. Even so, there are certain pieces you’ll benefit from either way.

The Must-Haves

Power Rack: If you only planned on doing cardio exercises you wouldn’t be contemplating the idea of a home gym. You’ll be able to perform squats without risking injury and also use it for pull-ups, one of the best routines for developing back muscles. If you’re no stranger to building stuff from scratch, you can try and build your own. If not, you can always purchase one.

Bench Press: While a bench press is most effective for chest workouts, the bench itself is a great tool for all sorts of exercises that imply weights. Chances are you won’t have a spotter so use it with your power rack. Both these items work well for resistance band training also.

Barbells, Dumbbells And Bumper Plates: Now you have the support but you can’t lift air, so stock up on the weights. If initially out of shape there’s no need to overdo it, you can always buy more of them.

Medicine Ball: Again, you can either make your own (by filling up a basketball with fine grain sand) or purchase one. The medicine ball is great for building explosiveness and strength but can also be used as a regular weight in other types of workouts like push-ups or abdominal exercises.

The Optional

Heavy Bag: You might not be Floyd Mayweather in training camp but the heavy bag is not only effective for boxers. Just like the medicine ball, but taking up more space, a heavy bag can help you with explosiveness and increasing strength. It’s also great at conditioning a whole lot of your upper and lower back muscles and shoulders. Learn the correct way to hit it though in order to avoid hand injuries, wrap your hands and use bag gloves.

Jump Rope: While also able to give you a helluva cardio workout, jumping rope will improve your coordination and toughen up leg muscles. It’s also rather cheap.

Plan Ahead

After you compiled your own list of items you’ll be needing, go to your garage or basement and try to envision them all in their place. Take some measurements to be on the safe side. Make sure that everything will fit where you want it to fit. It helps if you first move whatever you have stored in there.

You don’t want things to be too cluttered. That will impede your movement and give out a suffocating effect that you’ll want to avoid. If you install a heavy bag, make sure you have enough room to hit it and be able to move around it. If you plan on jumping rope, make enough room for it not to get tangled in something else.

Enough with the waiting. You waited in traffic, you might have waited for that exercise machine to become available and then waited in traffic again. Build a home gym of your own and you’ll have the tools you need at your discretion.

Working Out In The Morning

As more motivation for building a home gym, we’ve included this infographic on the benefits of working out in the morning. Think how achievable it would be if you had a gym right in your house!

6 Reasons to Work Out in the Morning


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