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Best Nike Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Running is one of the best workouts you can do, especially if you are on a budget. The best thing about running is that it is FREE! That’s why we want to look at some of best Nike running shoes for flat feet.

You don’t have to worry about affording a gym membership or purchasing work out equipment for the home, you can simply put on a pair of running shoes and run outside: it is easy as that!

Running is the best workout to work on cardio (especially if you are doing intervals of sprinting and walking) and also to test your own endurance. The best thing about running is it is easy to set goals for yourself.

The more you do it, the better you will get and the longer distances you can travel without feeling winded or exhausted.

However, with running does come its fair share of injuries. This is why it is integral to stretch before you run. Stretch out your hamstrings, your quads, and your ankles before you attempt to run, especially if you are just starting out.

It is crucial you do this both before and after your run. But there are some injuries not caused by stretching and it all has to do with the type of feet you have and the type of shoes you are wearing.

While some of us have high arches and low arches, which are unavoidable, there are many of us with flat feet. This is something that cannot be avoided and something we are naturally born with.

If you are running with flat feet in shoes without the proper support for your feet, you are definitely not going to feel good after. The running shoes you buy are detrimental to your running ability, and your feet can undergo immense pain if the proper support is not there for you.

The good news is there is a lot of running shoes on the market today built to enhance the support for people struggling with flat feet, allowing them to ensure safety while running and a comfortable experience.

When we say the words: the biggest running shoe brand; what comes to mind? For almost all of us we would respond with: Nike! Nike is the leading provider of sports running shoes on the market today. Even professional athletes have endorsed their products and use them in professional settings.

They have been proven to be comfortable, while boosting a strong support for enhanced safety while running. Nike is also an incredibly reliable brand, and have fantastic customer service should you order a defect product.

You can always trust the biggest brands of these sports products, as they are continually used by the large majority of the population with little backlash for their products.

Today we are going to be taking a look at the best Nike Running Shoes built primarily for people with flat feet. These are the best Nike has to offer and if you are struggling with your flat feet they are going to help you a lot!

Choosing the Best Nike Running Shoes For Flat Feet

Nike Men’s Lunarglide 8

The first Nike Running Shoe up for review is the Nike Men’s Lunarglide 8. This pair of shoes is available in over twenty-five different looks depending on what you want. There are black and white ones, fully green ones, multi-coloured ones, navy blue ones- if you want a certain color, chances are they got it!

These shoes are made out of both synthetic and mesh material and are fully made in the USA. The sole is rubber and they are built to be both lightweight and very smooth-perfect for runners. For a more comfortable experience, the Lunarglide is equipped with Lunarlon foam making it very cushy inside for your foot.

They have newly been upgraded to feel stellar for long runs of comfort. To enhance the breathability of this product, flyknight material and flywire cables have been used to support it.


  • Very breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Extremely cushy and comfortable
  • A lot of support
  • Glides cool
  • For running


  • Grooves in soles get pebbles and small rocks stuck


Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic

The second Nike shoe up for review is the Nike Men’s Free 5.0+ Breathe Running Shoe Synthetic, this is another one of the best for flat feet. It comes in five different styles ranging from black to grey to red to orange and to yellow!

They are made out of both synthetic and mesh, a Nike staple, and with a rubber sole. The inner sleeve is made out of a textured mesh, so it is easy to slip on and off comfortably.

The lacing system is asymmetrical, to reduce any pressure on the top of the foot. On the arch of the shoe, diagonal cuts have been made to increase the strength surrounding the foot.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great look
  • Durable
  • No pressure on the top of foot
  • A lot of support


  • The color of the sole does wear the more you use it


Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Men Round Toe Synthetic Running Shoe

The final product up for review is the Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Men Round Toe Synthetic Running Shoe. You can buy this shoe in a variety of looks and styles- 10 to be exact, that range from black/white, to red/green, to navy blue/turquoise, and many more! It is made fully out of mesh and has a rubber sole.

They fit very securely, due to its dynamic flywire cables. For added support there is a dual density foam around the midsole of the foot to provide medial support while running. This is great for people with flat feet who need that support in place.


  • Great look
  • Very comfortable
  • Added support along midsole of foot
  • High abrasion rubber in heel for traction


  • Not as many looks to choose from as others



If you are struggling with flat feet and you find it hurts while you run, you definitely need to purchase shoes with more support where you need it most. This is integral for a more comfortable workout. All three of the Nike Shoes above are some of the best for flat feet.


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