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Are home gyms cheap? This is a very good question, and there is only one answer – it depends.

You can build an affordable gym, and on the other side you can spend all of your kids college savings.

The main reason to build a home gym is exercise, awareness of the importance of physical activity. And in many cases it is easier to work out at home, use your one shower, and if the hole family works out, or even some of your friends, it will pay off for sure. Know that you can always sell your gym for good price, and get back the money you invested, in case you choose to upgrade equipment for the gym or you simple noticed you don’t use it.

There is a lot of ways to save on home gym. For instance, you can run outside, and do the weight workout in, and you already saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Those are big ticket items, elliptical trainers, cycles, or Bowflex-type machines, if you like running outside even during winter you savings are huge. If you really need this, you don’t have to buy top rated product with brand name for $10.000, you have a lot of good stuff for the price that goes around $2.000. Of course you can always buy a used one, but still good one, for less money.

Have in mind, when you build your own home gym, you will save a lot of time, gas money and membership that goes from $30 to even 100 dollars in some places. And there is always crowd, funny smell, or bad showers. You home gym can be much better than the local one.

There are dozens of brands and hundreds pieces of equipment you can choose from, and that will determine the price of your gym. A lot of money can be saved on machines, just use free weights. You can do the exact same exercises like on expensive machines with simple cheap weights. The plus is you will have a proper weightlifting program, even better than on machine. The squats, dead-lift and simple Bench Press will cut down your shopping list in half.

You can save a lot of money in unnecessary flooring, you can turn your every day bike in gym-bike with one simple and cheap addition. Use balls, rope, exercise mat and don’t buy much weights, until you really need them. Good advice is to go local, you can find a lot of good deals in your home-town fitness shop, and you can save some money in shipping that can be expensive (because of the weight of the products). And if you really want a machine, there is a lot all in one machines, that are cheap if you buy them in mega-stores, price for professional one is around $1000.

At the end, be sure you really like to work out at home, because you can save the most money if you don’t buy a gym that you will not use at all. We can conclude that the home gym can cost from $1000 to more than $250.000. Average home gym is around $4000 that will be pay off in short period.