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Adjustable Weight Bench With Leg Support

Do you work out a lot? Do you play sports? Are you considering working out more? If any of the answers to these questions is yes, then we are so happy for you! Physical activity is so important for your every day life and your overall health.

It is a way to boost your happiness and also your self confidence. This is going to carry through both in your professional life, but also in your social life: increasing your relationships and your intimate lifestyle!

If you are not having enough physical activity in your life, that is okay as well but we encourage you to start. The main reason for this is that it is going to increase your productivity during the day and actually wake you up more, rather than make you feel more tired. This is going to help you have a much better time at work, especially if you are at a job behind a desk all day.

Now some of us, for a variety of justified reasons, simply cannot go to the gym. It does take time, which some of us do not have, and requires additional money.

Many of us with children want to be home with them after a day of work, without going to the gym. This is understandable!

But why not bring the gym to you?! You can fill your home with small, affordable equipment, that you can quickly do a fifteen to thirty minute workout every day. This is definitely going to be ideal for you and help you lose some weight while still being at home.

One of the things you definitely need for a gym at home is an adjustable weight bench. These benches allow you to do a multitude of various weight training exercises and will enhance the muscles in both your arms and your legs.

However, the best kinds of adjustable weight benches also have a lot of additional leg support in place to hold all types of weights. Today we are going to be looking at three adjustable weight benches with leg supports on the market!

Product Overview

Rather than just looking at one particular brand, the three products we have chosen all comes from three separate manufacturers.

This is going to broaden your horizons while making a decision and also look at brands that you did not even know existed. They all also range in price, so even if you are on a budget, there is definitely an adjustable weight bench to choose from!

When looking at adjustable weight benches with leg support, the first thing we consider is strength and durability. We want these devices to last over time. We want them to be purchases that are going to last at least a decade so you do not have to keep upgrading.

This is huge for us, and it should be for you too. If you are looking at the cheapest option you can find, while it may save you money right away, it also is going to cost you money over time. This is due to it breaking down, and you having to replace it.

This is something you want to avoid at all costs, and that is by looking at the materials it is made out of! We tend to lean towards products made with stainless steel, as steel is known to be durable and is going to last a long time.

We also consider safety to be of high importance, which is why we are looking for weight benches with strong leg support. We want you to feel safe from injury, and this includes buying gym equipment that is not going to break down on you. You need equipment that is stable, durable, and is not going to fall over or out from under you.

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

The first product is the Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench. This is the most affordable option on our list today, so if you are tight for money, this is definitely the one for you. It is able to hold up to 800 pounds of real weight, so anyone of any size can use it! The user can only measure 6 feet 4 inches however.

There are 12 adjustable positions to choose from on the backrest, depending on what type of workout you are doing. There are also two front leg adjustment positions to do leg workouts. The legs of the bench can be adjusted 3 ways, for additional stability and safety while working out.


  • Safety enhancements in place
  • Affordable
  • Can hold a lot of weight
  • 12 positions to choose from


  • better for shorter people, over 6 foot 2 gets a little small


Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench

The second product is the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench. This is a bit more expensive than the product above. It can be used separately or moved out of the way if you want to do squats.

There is a 6-roll leg developer on the bench that will enhance your quads and hamstrings. There is also a preacher pad to isolate biceps and forearms.


  • Can be used for various workouts
  • Great for legs
  • Very safe
  • Adjustable


  • A bit more expensive than others on list


Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench

The final product up for review is the Marcy Folding Standard Weight Bench. It offers the ability to have an easy full body workout, to balance your training.

The seat and back pads are adjustable and you can be on an incline or decline or flat position. It is also easy to fold up for easy compactness and to put away. It is made entirely of durable steel.


  • Made of the highest quality steel
  • Able to do a wide variety of exercises
  • Foldable design


  • More expensive than the two others



All three of the products listed above are some of the best adjustable weight benches with added leg support. They are going to allow you to have a balanced workout.


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