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In this generation, people have become more aware of the consequences of not living a healthy lifestyle. It has become more of an obsession to get fit. That is why gyms and diet plans have a huge profit from all these health buffs. Aside from going to the gym every day, it is much better to have a home gym instead.

This means exercising at home without having to pay for a membership. These other 10 bloggers or blogs agree with us. Here are the 10 reasons why it is better to exercise at home.

Open all the time

One of the 5 reasons discussed by Popsugar is that, of course, when you exercise at home it is always open. Even if you have a grave yard shift or you are only able to come home late at night, you are free to still do an exercise if you want and feel the need to.

You will not be confined to the limited hours just like in the gym. This way, you have the choice or freedom to exercise whenever you want.


You will save money

Home fitness 411, the online guide to getting fit at home, emphasizes the advantage that one would be able to save money when they exercise at home rather than at the gym. It is true that gym memberships cause a lot of money and because this already includes the sign up and monthly fee.

Even though you might be able to spend some money on buying the equipment for the home gym, but at the long run, you will be able to save. Plus, you can look at it more of like an investment.


Wear Whatever It Is That You Want

Mind Body Green’s resident Fitness blogger Dawn Hafner discussed that at your very own home gym, you can wear whatever it is that you want. You do not have the need to wear gym clothes. You can even exercise in your pajamas or even while sipping coffee.



Myhomewokout.com says that privacy is a very big advantage for people who choose to exercise at home. There are those that would not want others to see them sweat it out. Doing your own thing without having the need to be conscious can really boost up your energy to exercise more.


No commute

Astrid Bidanec, fitness and weight loss examiner of examiner.com says that by eliminating yet another expense on commuting or having to pay for gas is another advantage of working out at home. It is already tiring enough to drive around. You can instead use that time to exercise at home.


Less confusion

Blogger with a username hepennypacker52 at bodybuilding.com says that when one is working gout in a gym, some gym instructors tend to forget what equipment will add muscles the best, which are the free weights. But if you are at your home gym, you are forced to use the free weights which is really great.


It is cleaner!

Allisson Lambert of thefitutor.com points out the obvious, gyms have germs. There is no doubt that you can ensure the cleanliness of your own home gym than in the commercial ones. This is because you will be the one to clean it yourself. Plus, you won’t get sick while in the process of being healthy and fit.


No waiting for shower

Allwomenstalk.com’s fitness blogger Rosalina Lionetti states that one of the many advantages of working out at home is that you don’t have to wait in line for shower anymore. At home, you can shower anytime you want and how long that you want.


No stuff to carry

Andrea Beazley of good Health girl says that when working out at home, you don’t have to carry that big gym bag anymore. Admit it, this is very tiring because it is very bulky. So no more stuff to carry when you stay at home.


Avoid temptations

Blogger Charlotte of messmag.com explains that there temptations when working out in the gym like gossiping with your gym buddies or picking up a take out from a fast food on the way home. However, when you work it your home gym, you will be able to avoid these distractions.

These are just 10 of the bloggers or blogs in the internet that says working out at home is better than in the gym. At the end of the day, it is still up to whatever it is that works for you.


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